Sister Cities Program

Elizabethtown is an active participant in the Sister Cities Program. The Sister Cities Program is an international effort to encourage understanding and cooperation by promoting communication and exchanges between citizens from different nationalities and cultures. Sister Cities International helps initiate relationships between cities.

Koori Machi, Japan is Elizabethtown's Sister City. Just north of Fukushima, Japan, Koori Machi has a population of approximately 15,000 people. The residents of Koori Machi take great pride in the region's scenic beauty, particularly in the lakes, the mountains, and the ocean.

Since becoming Sister Cities on May 15, 1992, Elizabethtown and Koori Machi have had many cultural exchanges. Elizabethtown students and community leaders have visited Koori Machi to experience Japanese culture and ideas. In the past, a delegation from Koori Machi has visited Elizabethtown and many local sites.

Elizabethtown and Koori Machi have many business ties. Toyota, Hitachi, Topi Industries and ASAHI Glass have all established operations in Kentucky. The closest link between Elizabethtown and Koori Machi is the AKEBONO corporation.

In 1985, AKEBONO came to Kentucky to begin negotiations for the establishment of a new manufacturing facility, AMBRAKE. On July 10, 1988, production commenced at the Elizabethtown AMBRAKE facility. In Koori Machi, AKEBONO is the largest enterprise in the city.